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Get high-quality human data to evaluate your AI speech synthesis model.

We provide a statistically meaningful analysis of your speech synthesis model via Bobidi’s selected group of global community members.

Our trusted partners and supporters

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How It Works

Bobidi helps you evaluate your speech synthesis model evaluation via selected the global community. We support enterprises and research institutions, alleviating the hassle of setting up their own evaluation environments or recruiting external users for model evaluation.

Let us know what you need

We promptly review your requirements and feasibility and send you a quote and the evaluation details.
Once you review it, let’s kick off your model evaluation.

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Evaluate and Analyze
your speech synthesis model

Our evaluators assess your speech synthesis model outputs, and we pull a statistically meaningful analysis.

Deliver the analyzed result

We ensure timely delivery of the analysis results on time.

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Why Bobidi?

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Bobidi collaborates with a global cohort of diverse evaluators

Customize your evaluation protocol for your product users & customers. Highly-rated evaluators with diverse demographic/geographic/cultural/educational backgrounds evaluates your model under a controlled acoustic environment.


We analyze your model in collaboration with ML & speech exports.

We execute the process for high statistic confidence and evaluation methodology. We identify areas where sounds awkward, distraction, or unnatural.

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We aim to deliver high-quality human data at competitive prices and with swift delivery.

Many SMEs, startups, and university labs face challenges in conducting subjective evaluations directly, finding quality & diverse evaluators, and analyzing the evaluation. Our evaluation service is designed to effectively assist you, contributing to the development of superior AI speech synthesis models.


Here are some questions many have asked us. Have more questions? Please contact us at at any time!

  • Interesting! How can I try?
    Thank you for your interest! Just "Contact us” using the button above! We'll get back to you shortly.
  • How long does it take?
    It typically takes between two weeks to a month. For urgent schedules, evaluations can be completed in just a few days. The timeline varies depending on the evaluator's characteristics (gender, age, nationality, etc.), the number of evaluators, and the volume of evaluation data.
  • What scale of work can I request?
    We recommend evaluations by a minimum of 30 evaluators depending on your target confidence, each evaluation repeats 10-30 times. We can handle evaluations targeting up to hundreds of evaluators, each evaluating 50 items or fewer.
  • How do you ensure security?
    Security is our top priority and we use all possible ways to ensure that your model and data are properly protected. We are also operating based on the zero-tolerance enforcement principle for malicious attacks. Please contact us to discuss this more in detail.
  • Who are your clients?
    Companies, research institutes, and universities focused on AI Speech Synthesis Models are among our clients. Whether it's challenging to establish an internal or external organization for model evaluation, or there's an urgent need for model assessment, we are here to help.

Comparison Table

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X (Manual), △ (Maybe), O (Automatic)


Evaluate your AI Speech Synthesis Model!


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