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Refine Your Data,
Boost Gen AI Performance,
10x More Efficiently

Is the high training cost slowing you down?  Have you wondered why your Gen AI isn’t performing in a consistent way?  The problem isn’t your model–It’s your data.

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How It Works

Bobidi helps you filter for the highest-quality test/training data.  The filter is kept up to date via continuous community feedback from real people.

Connect your dataset

Connect your dataset with Bobidi platform using the API in a secure way.


Check and Analyze

Just a single click to check and analyze the filtering result. 

Customize and repeat

Customize the settings to decide which data to use, and repeat the whole process as many times as you want.


* We currently support profanity/toxicity/bias, and are adding more filters for more issues!  Please contact us at if you have any specific problems that you want to protect your users from!

Why Bobidi?

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Keep your model up to date with continuous community feedback.

The pace of deployment or training never catches up with the speed of the world that changes everyday.  Bobidi helps you fill the gap by providing the data filter that is validated by the global community everyday. 


Never miss a thing.  Scan the entire dataset.  Quickly.

Random sampling or eye-balling aren’t enough.  Even the expert feedback has missing pieces of information (e.g. RLHF).  Use Bobidi’s programmatic filtering to scan the entire dataset and use the dataset that is only helpful.


Protect your service.

You never know what bad things are in your dataset–familiar with hallucinations, toxicity, bias, misinformation, etc.?  Bobidi’s specialized in filtering out harmful data points so that your Gen AI stays harmless, but helpful.


Here are some questions many have asked us. Have more questions? Please contact us at at any time!


Garbage In, Garbage Out

Don't let it be your case.


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