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Find the best candidate who will thrive with you longer


No more resumes.

No more hassle to screen the candidates. We do it for you.

Bobidi’s unique employee incentive system will dramatically boost their retention.

No promotion fee.

No subscription. You’ll pay only when you successfully hire—so there’s absolutely zero up-front cost!

Try first for free and you’ll stick with us.

Problems we’re solving

Screening Candidates Can Be Time-Consuming

Bobidi streamlines recruitment tasks, from posting job listings to screening applicants and organizing interviews, freeing you to focus on managing your business's core priorities.

Finding The Ideal Candidate Is Challenging

Resumes alone are not sufficient to pinpoint exceptional candidates.
Bobidi offers varied resume formats (videos, presentations, GIFs) for candidates, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the candidates.
Through these interactive presentations, you'll be able to discern nuances immediately, such as a candidate's warm smile, unique skills like expert onion chopping, and lifting over 20 pounds.

The Significant Cost of Employee Turnover

Employees commonly leave within three months, costing up to $6,000 per turnover, with recruitment expenses reaching $2,000! Ineffective retention results in substantial financial losses.
Bobidi's innovative employee incentive system aims to enhance employee retention. The longer employees remain with your company, the more incentives they receive from Bobidi. They also earn 'Kudos Cash Credit' from Bobidi, which they can distribute as compliments to their colleagues.

No Upfront Payment Required to Find The Right Candidate

Are you tired of paying for job promotions without finding exceptional candidates?Bobidi solves this by eliminating fees until you hire your ideal candidate. Review candidates, update and promote job postings freely without any costs until you find the right fit.

Bobidi’s Deeply Connected To The Local Food & Beverage Community


Bobidi was founded by one of the creators of the Meal Forward Foundation a non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley with 501(c)(3) status, dedicated to providing food assistance to communities.

Copy of Oak-Kaiser-image2.jpeg

Meal Forward started as a small campaign in response to COVID-19. It raised funds to pay struggling local restaurants to deliver healthy meals to healthcare workers. The campaign immediately went viral and eventually evolved into the Meal Forward Foundation.


In the three years following its inaugural fundraising event, Meal Forward has distributed over 20,000 meals to various institutions including hospitals, schools, hunger relief programs, a fire station, nursing homes, senior centers, and to children facing food insecurity. Meal Forward is now expanding its reach by developing technology to assist similar organizations in more efficiently connecting with those in need.

Bobidi Origins in Advanced AI Technology, Including Gen AI

The accelerating development of Gen AI in 2023 marked a significant milestone, enhancing productivity and creativity for many. This breakthrough means that recruitment can now be more cost-effective and efficient. However, accessing such technology often poses challenges. Bobidi addresses this issue by striving to make this advanced technology readily accessible to busy restaurant operators and owners. Our goal is to alleviate the burdens of the recruitment process, allowing them to concentrate on running their businesses.


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