Why Bobidi?

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Potential savings with quality data




and growing rapidly

Global users provide real world data


Improve your model 10X

Stop wasting your time and money for the data that does NOT reflect the real world. We'll help you optimize your AI model quickly and maximize your business result!

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Quickly test your AI model

Before deploying your AI model in the real world with the risk of finding the loopholes afterwards, quickly validate it with the global community.

Find the loopholes

We provide you with the detailed analysis on the loopholes found with the community. You will be able to check the patterns of false positives and negatives, and the metadata associated with them.


Gather data that your model needs

Why pay for the dataset where non-trivial portion isn’t even needed for your model? Pre-deployment validation will get you the dataset that we know your AI model needs.


Here are some questions many have asked us. Have more questions? Please contact us at hello@bobidi.com at any time!

Interesting! How can I try?

Thank you for your interest! It's super easy. Just "Request Demo" using the button above! We'll get back to you shortly.

I love the idea! How much is it?

$0.99 for 10 legit validation attempts! People in the community will try to find the loopholes of your AI models and we charge based on the number of legit attempts made by the community. The more attempts made, the more loopholes of the model you will find more quickly (Or, the higher confidence you will have about your AI models!)

How do you ensure the security?

Security is our top priority and we use all possible ways to ensure that your model is properly protected. We will be using APIs to ensure the security, all the models will be expired after certain days, and we are operating based on the zero-tolerence enforecement principle for malicious atttacks. Please request demo or contact us so that we can discuss more in details.

Who are your customers?

We are working with a wide spectrum of customers from those who are looking to validate their models before a huge deployment event to those who are looking to expand their businesses to international markets. Our interest is to help you optimize your AI models as quickly as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

What partners say about Bobidi

"Bobidi adds a critical layer of insight into what our AI models see in the unpredictable, irreproducible, real world. It gives you and your customers confidence that your model is bulletproof, and gets you there if it isn’t."
Scott Redford
CTO of Gunsens

Test your model with community, optimize it quickly.

Bobidi turns traditional AI development on its head by assigning more importance to data quality rather than quantity. Instead of throwing more data at models, they create diverse data sets that contain novel edge cases."


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