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Why Bobidi?


High quality data in 3 weeks vs. 12 weeks


For the result proven to be 25% + better


Saving 50% + on the data cost


Improve your model 10X

Stop wasting your time and money for the data that does NOT reflect the real world. We'll help you optimize your AI model quickly and maximize your business result!

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Quickly test your AI model

Before deploying your AI model in the real world with the risk of finding the loopholes afterwards, quickly validate it with the global community.

Find the loopholes

We provide you with the detailed analysis on the loopholes found with the community. You will be able to check the patterns of false positives and negatives, and the metadata associated with them.


Gather data that your model needs

Why pay for the dataset where non-trivial portion isn’t even needed for your model? Pre-deployment validation will get you the dataset that we know your AI model needs.


Here are some questions many have asked us. Have more questions? Please contact us at at any time!


Test your model with community, optimize it quickly.

The platform is also more efficient because the datasets collected via the bug bounty are the novel data that the model needs.


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