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Bobidi user reviews. 'Great,, thanks again I was able to pay my daughter's tuition fee today after yesterday's payout. Thanks.'
Bobidi challenges 'Find today's treasure!' 'Ask you friends fun questions'

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AI training is broken. We need you.

Q Why do we 
pay you?

A: Simply put, we pay you because your work helps to remove the bias that the AI model has. The dataset used to train AIs is usually biased because it incorporates both conscious and unconscious bias the person, who designed the dataset, has. Therefore, the diverse uses cases we collect from the global community (you!) become extremely valuable when tackling the bias.

Q How does payment work?

A: We pay you “bobs” (our point system) after reviewing the submitted data.  Once the bobs reach 5K, you will be able to redeem them as cash via PayPal.

Q How do we use your data?

A: Every data collected is used only for the purpose of training AIs, and it's carefully treated and secured. Please check our T&C to learn more about the details.

Q What impact are you making?

A: We envision the world, where "every AI is truly beneficial to society, while people in the world make a living by teaching AIs what intrinsic truths are." So your work is directly helping the AIs understand the value, minimize the bias, and eventually make the world a better place!

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