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Make every AI meaningful for people

We're building an AI model test platform for AI companies to safely validate models before deploying them. We leverage our global community of people to test models and find biases, which makes the entire process 10x more efficient.

Meanwhile, people using Bobidi in the world benefit from the well-deserved rewards. In many countries, these rewards are changing their lives.

Bobidi solves fascinating problems

The AI industry is hitting the plateau. It's because the hardest part of building AI is dealing with uncommon situations i.e. edge cases. The better your model is, the harder it is to find robust data sets of novel edge cases. The industry is responding to this problem by throwing even more data at models. But the models need diverse, novel data to improve. We differ by directly providing this high-value data.

Bobidi's unique approach to help customers succeed

Data First

Traditionally, AI companies have focused on building the best model given with a dataset, but Bobidi does the exact opposite: Build the best dataset given an AI model. We took this unorthodox path because we know the data is much more important than the network when it comes to radically improving the model performance.

Dynamic Unit Value

Dynamic Unit Value: Not every dataset is created equal. It's because similar data will have diminishing value as the model is trained. Bobidi builds the technology to dynamically calculate the unit value of each data point our community collects, which will fundamentally change how the entire industry evaluates and uses AI dataset.

The right team

Bobidi is a mashup between community and AI, and so is the founding team. The team has worked in the largest social network (Meta, fka Facebook), marketplaces (eBay), technology (Google), and AR gaming (Niantic: Pokemon Go) companies. Bobidi is also supported by industry experts and leaders from renowned organizations, like Google, Uber, Meta, and Seoul National University.


Join Us!

Looking to join a rocketship and the mission to make every data bit meaningful for people? Let's talk!


Bobidi is headquartered in Silicon Valley (Los Gatos, California) but currently focused on building the office in South Korea. We will be opening up more positions in the US soon, so please stay tuned! If you're already based in South Korea, please check the open positions!

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